Thursday, 22 August 2013

Citi Spa Miri

Hello all,

I'm so sorry for this "sabbatical leave" from this blog. I was busy with end semester and here I am, jobless. Haha! Anyways, lets just cut straight to the spa that I went recently. I've been to CitiSpa in Miri and I have to say, it was amazing! With all the spa that I have tried in Miri, Citi Spa has the best spa environment.
What you see right after the elevator door opens.
Receptionist / Cashier
I love the environment, the room, they even have private jacuzzi and shower place in the room just for you! They offer all kinds of treatments such as facial, mani & pedi and body treatments (massage, scrub, waxing, masking, jacuzzi, steam room). 

Beautiful waiting room

Magazines ready for those who waits

Credentials that are really important to show that they are trained
 Citi Spa only offers Thai theme massage with additional Japanese, Swedish and Indian. So this will involves elbowing and a little stretching before the session ends. I also love it that they will start by wiping your feet using a warm towels, that will make u extra relax!

One of the couple room

I have to say, I love doing my nails in Citi Spa because I know my coat is dry when I leave the place. I actually love the idea of moving to the manicure station after my pedicure and having the dryer at my toes the whole time when the manicurist doing my nails. Then I could stay as long as I want to dry my manicure. 

Only two chairs (means only two people can get to do their pedicure in one time)

After a nail session :)

In terms of parking, there are plenty parking around the building you could find. But eventhough its in a big building, its quite tricky to find the place as you have to enter Citi Cafe to get to the elevator. Please do ask the Citi Cafe staff if you do not know the elevator whereabouts. They are really kind! 

Price wise, its above average. For one Thai Aromatheraphy Massage will cost you RM88. They do provide a spa packages which cost RM488 the most high priced and RM188 the most lowest priced. It has various treatment in it which is perfect for a whole day pampering and those who prefer to do everything in a day instead of having facial at another day and a body scrub another different day. For a regular customer, they would offer a package where customer pay for a total 5 session and get a free one session.

Usually after pampering myself, I would go to Citi Cafe and just hang out for a while with its hot drinks and magazines. How convenient it is to have a spa upstairs and a cafe downstairs. 

I have to say, this spa centre is complete. They even have four kinds of promotions on going
1) Non-Peak hours promotion (mon-thurs : 9.30am-4.30pm) on body massage and mani & pedi.
2) 50% on one service during birthday
3) Different kinds of monthly promotions (which I like!)
4) Bundle package promotions (5 + 1 & 10 + 2 : where u get 10 sessions of eg: body scrub at a certain price with free two extra free body scrub session)

For more information, click the link below :
Citi Spa Facebook page

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sam's Nail

Hi all!

So sorry that I've been absent for such a long time! So, a friend of mine brought me to her mani and pedi shop at Pujut 6 shoplot called Sam's Nails (above Latvio's Hair Salon). It has been relocated from the ground floor to the first floor. Sam's Nails offer not only nails services but also facial and dinner makeup. The shop has simple decoration and quite comfy as it is spacious. It has little decorations that I really love, the candles are just so cute!
Collection of aromatic candles and nail polish
A shoe rack, to avoid your precious sandals being stepped on

Waiting corner (don't you just love the light?)

Pedicure Station
Manicure Station

Spacious area

Shelves where everything is there

For now, Sam's Nail only have one employee. The owner is on vacation, so I have to wait until my friend finished her pedicure. So, I chose the basic pedicure that cost about RM35. Personally, this price is affordable compare to any nail salon that I have been before (yet to find more lower price!) The lady is very friendly too and she made me feel comfortable. 

Basic Pedicure Process
So far, I am satisfied with the customer service that this pedicurist gave me. She is really focus when doing her job and she had done a really good one! But to avoid long waiting hours, I suggest the peeps out there to call the shop and do appointment before you come in. Unless you don't mind waiting.

Here is the menu of this shop: 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Cher'z Nail

Hye folks!

And again, I visited a new beauty centre in Miri to write in my review. This is actually my second time visiting Cher's Nail. This beauty centre is located above Kelvin's Salon Boulevard. Mirians, I'm pretty sure Kelvin's salon is famous to you all. But for those who are not from Miri, Cher'z Nail located near Boulevard area. 

Cher Nailz (located above Kelvin Salon at Boulevard)

Cher'z Nail have three basic service which is on face, nail, hair and body (currently, body is unavailable due to renovation) So, since the body spa are not available, I decided to do on Ying Yang candle (facial) and Spa pedicure with free manicure (nails). Currently there are only one beautician that are always available. Her name is Sharen. We became friends after my first visit. She is very approachable and kind. So, if you want to bring a friend along, you have to make an early appointment so that she can arrange for another beautician to attend your friend.

The environment in Cher's Nail has more look like a beauty centre instead of spa. But they kept a fish pond and decorate it with flowers with dim lighting and dark purple walls heading to the facial room. The beauty centre is just good in terms of space. Even though there offer basically all treatment, there are still some ample space. 
Nice green walls, represent harmony
Place where you do Henna hair treatment
Ample of space

I just love how nicely these stuff are arrange
A new fish pond!

Four pedicure chair, so u can bring your friends! 

The fish pond. Beautiful!

Nicely arrange coloured bottle
Left for normal colour and right for gelish color 
The walk path

So, I did this Ying Yang candle that are for relaxing as I had a really stress week. Sharen would advice me to go to the toilet first so that I will not have to go in the middle of the treatment. She then instructed me to change to some kind of a buttoned sarong.

She then did her first process. First, she did the normal facial routine. Just that this time no steam, taking out the blackhead and plucking my eyebrows (you have to pay extra if you want her to do that). Then she move to massaging my shoulder area and neck, I think for a person who love being massaged hard you will like it. For me, it hurts! Then after that, she will do this candle at your ear. It is suppose to suck something (I'm not sure what, but I love that crackling sound!)

Done with the rejuvenating and relaxing facial, I moved on to do my nails. 

So, I choose the promotion package where I have a spa pedicure and got a free manicure. As you can see, spa pedicure has more things to do. The free manicure was a basic one. It was very rude of me didn't get the name of my pedicurist. She was a very kind girl, she even get me tea, ask me whether I am comfortable with the aircond and ask whether I am satisfy with the nails that she shaped. 

The process of spa pedicure! She use chocolate scrub and very nice scented mask (I seriously forgot the name)

I love when she massage me! Relaxing.

In a way, feel pity that she had to do this king kong foot. Hahaha!

Green Toe Nails!
Gesture like this make customer feel comfortable and it become one of the reason they will come back. I am sorry to say but my manicurist however is a bit (Just a bit!) unpolite. I mean yes we talked, and she provide me the best milk tea while I was waiting for my facial. But when my pedicurist ask me what shape I want with my toe, I told her I wanted square. Then the manicurist speak to her in chinese asking her to make it round instead of square (I was surprise she said like that in front of me,thinking that I don't understand what she said) I understand that maybe my pedicurist is new or still undergo training, but it will be nice if they just explain to me and I would be okay instead of speaking in chinese and do a totally different thing that I requested. My pedicurist was reluctant when she was being asked to do that, and that manicurist keep on insisting saying that I wouldn't know the difference. I saw her "dilemma" so I change my request to have a U-shape nail.

Pastel blue finger nails

I am very satisfied with my pedicurist, she give her best in performing her service. And the manicurist I think she need to undergo training on delivering what customer wants. If she meet a demanding customer, she will be in trouble for doing like that. Oh, and I think my manicurist forgot to give me a nail dryer after she finishes my manicure because the very day after doing my manicure it got scratch :( But then no problem with the toes :)

I have to say that the whole treatment is a bliss. Ying Yang Candle is about one and a half hour long which is worth it. My spa pedicure and manicure was two hours. I enjoyed myself. Sharen especially are so friendly that makes me feel like I am her friend (we actually keep in touch and she always advice me on taking care of my face!)

To summarise my review, here are the good and the bad

The Good :
- Friendly beautician, Sharen makes my experience worth while. I love her!

- They practically have everything! From hair treatment to face, body and nails.

- Various of promotions every month

- Good service, they gave me milk tea and Sharen entertains me while I was waiting for my facial.

The Bad :
- Without the promotion, the normal price is quite pricey. (I hardly can afford it if its without promotion)

- If you are going to be long at the place, make sure you scratch enough parking ticket!

The Menus :

Henna Treatment

The Facial

For more information on their services, click the link below :

Facebook -
Website -